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Diesel vehicles are workhorses. They are often a vital part of businesses around the Bend, OR area. They also last longer and are often more efficient than traditional engines. Whether you use one for work or play, you’ve likely noticed that having a diesel specialist look at your car or truck is smart. We at Davis and Clark Auto Repair want to see your diesel vehicle operating as it should for miles to come. Our team of technicians makes it their mission to keep your diesel in tip-top shape. Your vehicle deserves it.

Ford Power Stroke Repair Bend OR

Ford is one of the leading diesel providers. As you surely know, if you drive one, diesel vehicles are known for their rugged durability and long-lasting engines. Even though their vehicles do live up to their reputation, periodic service and repair are necessary. That’s where we come in. Our technicians offer premium Power Stroke services.

Cummins Repair Bend OR

Dodge is another diesel manufacturer known for its quality vehicles. We know how important your Cummins vehicle is for your work and travel, which is why we recommend our shop for your service and repairs. We have the tools and experience to repair any issue you may be having with your diesel vehicle.

Duramax Repair Bend OR

If you drive a Duramax, you’re likely a big proponent. GM is an established manufacturer, and they make quality products. However, any diesel vehicle will eventually break down and need repairs. When that happens, turn to our experts at Davis and Clark Auto Repair. Whether it is an AC repair, or a complete engine rebuild, we have you covered.

Diesel Repair Near Me

Any time you notice a sign of trouble, give us a call. Some of the signs that you may have an issue include:

  • Difficulty starting your engine
  • Knocking or bumping noises from the engine
  • More exhaust coming from the tailpipe than usual
  • Low fuel economy
  • A burning oil smell

If you’re looking for a diesel repair shop in the Bend, OR area, look no further than Davis and Clark Auto Repair. We know that diesel drivers are die-hard fans, and expect nothing but the best. No matter the brand of your vehicle, we have the tools and experience to tackle any issue you may be having. Whether it is routine maintenance or repair overhauls, we’ve got your back. Trust your diesel with us.

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